Transfer Your Reel Tape to CD or MP3

Trusted nationwide for twenty years.

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Why use Audiomover?

At Audiomover, we transfer your Reel-to-Reel tapes to CD or MP3. We have digitized reels for everyone from famous musical groups to government agencies. Robert John Hadfield, the owner of Audiomover, has worked with reel tape since the 1980s, so we have institutional knowledge that no one in this industry can match. 


We can convert up to 10-inch reels in our USA-based studio. If you choose MP3 files, we can put them on a USB thumb drive or send them digitally over the cloud. And if you have over 100 reels, we can provide a custom quote for your project.  

We are industry experts with a track record that no other company can match. We have worked with organizations and individuals across the United States for over twenty years. We would love to work with you too.