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Transfer Your DATs to CD or MP3

Trusted nationwide for twenty years.

Get started converting your DAT tapes today!

We Do Direct Digital Transfers of Your DAT

At Audiomover, we transfer your DAT to CD, mp3 or .wav. 


Robert John Hadfield, the owner of Audiomover, was a professional audio guy in the 1990s so he has extensive experience working with DAT as a mastering medium for professional audio production.


At Audiomover we do a direct digital conversion of your DAT using SPDIF technology. This way your DAT audio stays in the digital realm, it never converts to analog in the conversion process. Also, when we transfer your DAT, the audio file will stay 48K or 44.1K, whichever is native to the recording.


If you choose mp3 or .wav files, we can put them on a USB thumb drive or send them digitally over the cloud. And if you have over 100 DATs, we can provide a custom quote for your project.  

We are industry experts with a track record that no other company can match. We have worked with organizations and individuals across the United States for over two decades. We would love to work with you too. 

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Reviewed in Los Angeles, CA

Verified Customer

I have told all my musician friends and they will be sending you orders soon....the service is great and at a great price ( NOT L.A. prices! ) .....Thanks again....

Convert DAT Tapes to Digital Files

We can convert your DAT to CD, mp3 or .wav.  We conduct a digital-to-digital transfer so if you order .wav files, they will match the bit rate and sampling rate of the original DAT. 

Professional results

Competitive Prices

Audio/Video Experts

Twenty Years Experience

Trusted across the country

We make it easy to get started. Don't wait another day!

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Tina G

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Reviewed in Throop, PA

Verified Customer

I just had my first tape-to-CD conversion done by your company and, not only was I highly pleased with the results, but the technician who worked on my project went way above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with my requests. I wasn't expecting this kind of personal attention on my small order, so I can imagine the care you guys take with an established customer. I would recommend your services to anyone.


National Line - (833) 985-0703

Studio Line - (435) 703-6529

Text - 3039059634

Customer Testimonial Videos
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Wanna Save a Little $Money On Your Order?

We have had customers in hundreds of cities across the United States. If you live in a city that we've never done business in before, you can take $5 off your order.

Click here to see the list of cities we've served. 

Common Questions

Is it safe to ship my things?
My stuff is old, what if it breaks?
How long will it take?
Do you send my things back?

Why Audiomover?

We offer great service and competitive prices. We have served organizations and individuals in every state in the US, Canada and England.

Real Simple™ Magazine used our service anonymously with one of their test families. They were impressed enough to tell the world about us in their article (click here to see the Real Simple article!).

We were also selected by the First Judicial District Court of New Mexico to convert their entire 115,000 cassette library to digital - the largest project of its kind in U.S. history (read about that project here).

After two decades in the professional audio/video business, you can trust us to provide excellent results. If you have questions please email, call or text us here. Do not hesitate to call us. We know that sometimes you just want to hear a voice to make sure you feel comfortable.

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