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Customer Quotes


We have digitized tapes for over twenty years and have served tens of thousands of customers in every state across the country, Canada and the UK. Here is some of the amazing feedback we have received from customers.

"I'm genuinely grateful to Audiomover for preserving my distorted cassette tapes.  My pile of tapes were transferred to a convenient thumb drive way faster then I had anticipated with great quality and impressive communication through the process. Audiomover has unknowingly restored to me a really important piece of my childhood and my new daughter's life. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. "

Orlando, FL


"So happy I found audiomover! The results were amazing, and it was such an easy process from beginning to end. I will definitely use them again! Thank you!"
Gainesville, Fl


I received the CDs yesterday.  Your company did a wonderful job in transferring the cassette tape to the CD format.  I am so happy with the quality of the recording as well as the presentation (i.e. label on the CD) and the care taken to return the original.

I have listened to the CD several times and it is so wonderful to hear my grandfather's voice.  I know my son and my cousins will be thrilled with this piece of family history. Thank you again for a wonderful job. The gentleman who conducted the interview just passed last month.  I am sending his wife one of the CDs so she can hear her husband's voice again.  My grandfather passed away at the age of 94, and I still miss him terribly.

I am passing the word to my family and friends about your work and how professional and caring you and your team have taken with my precious family heirloom. 


Anna L
Wynnewood, PA


"Thank you ever so much for your fabulous work; everything arrived back here in Boston very well organized and ready to go. Many, many thanks!"
Boston, MA


"OMG – I can’t thank you enough/ not a dry eye!!! We found those tapes for the kids when my father-in-law died – I told him I’d send him the flash drive when I got it. Thank you again!!!"



Great service!
Efficient, fast, secure, friendly, high quality!

Romney, WV


Box came Monday. Have been listening 3 days. Thank you John. My Momma recorded all those tapes. We lost her in 2012. A great service you have. God bless you.



hey folks....thanks for the recent note....yes, I was very happy with the results; all media is now on an external hard guys did a great didn't charge me because the order took so long ( I offered to pay SOMETHING but you said no)...I have told all my musician friends and they will be sending you orders soon....the service is great and at a great price ( NOT L.A. prices! ) .....Thanks again....

Los Angeles, CA


"It's a little scary to place ancient audio and video recordings, irreplaceable personal mementos, into a box and mail them off to a complete stranger, in hopes of saving them from extinction. I did just that a few weeks ago, trusting this company to handle my memories with care. I just received the finished product and must say that I was genuinely impressed with the entire process. John let me know that my package had arrived safely. He sent a link to a video which would help me understand an issue with one of my old cassettes. He let me know when the work was complete and returned the finished product immediately upon payment. The entire process was painless and reassuring, and I'm completely satisfied with the end results. I would trust this company again in a heartbeat. In fact, I think I'll go look for more buried treasure..."

Brookfield, WI


"We found a precious cassette tape of our now 40-year-old son singing when he was 9. We were a little concerned about sending it in the mail but the Audiomover folks were great about letting us know that it had arrived (with a text photo). They also caught an error in the return address that we gave them. We are totally pleased with the quality of the sound on the CDs they made. (We were in tears.) We would definitely recommend them for careful and professional handling of valuable materials."
Gwen G.
Portland, OR


"Audiomover was fast and professional. They took great care of my old memories. The level of communication throughout the entire process greatly exceeded my expectation. Great work. Highly recommend."
Farifax, VA


"Audio Mover does superb work. What really stands out is the excellent communication - they understood exactly what I needed and wanted; and they were prompt, thorough and attentive in getting it done. Many thanks!”
Boston, Massachusetts


"Fast, reliable and affordable. What more could you ask for? I will use them again AND highly recommend them to friends and business associates."
Karen B.
Congers, NY


"My only regret is that I didn't turn to you guys first because I wasted many, many hours trying to do the job myself."
Monterey, CA


"Want to thank you for an awesome job getting my tapes transferred to CD and in the time frame that I needed them. Great customer service from John who took the time to call me and talk me through exactly what I needed to do to make sure I got the CD's back in time for Father's Day. Sound, quality, everything was great!! Will definitely use your service again and recommend you to anyone else you needs data transferred. Thank you so much!!"
San Diego, CA


"Dear John, It was such a gift to hear my Dad's voice again, talking on a cassette about all that was relevant to him in 1975 when he was a long way from home. Thank you very much for digitalizing that long ago tape. Kind regards,"
Kitty from Cape Cod in Massachusetts.


"Your company is awsome!! I sent off three cassettes to transfer to cd and it seemed like it was only one week before I recieved them back in perfect condition. I will definitely send more to be transfered."
Roger B.
Glendale, AZ


"I'm exceptionally pleased with the CD I received. It sounds a whole lot better than the old tape ever did. Matter-of-fact, I'm in the process of sending in another tape to be converted. Will have more after that. Thanx for a great job!"
Montgomery, AL


"The results are fabulous, and the service was excellent. Am putting together another batch for their magic!"
Bob M.
Santa Monica, CA


"I had a 20 year old cassette transferred to CD. Product was delivered as promised, and sounded great! The tape hiss virtually disappeared, and it has never sounded better!"
Sherman Oaks, CA


"Thanks for a wonderful job and for an excellent service. I fully intend to use your services again in the future and will recommend you to others. "
Emanuela H.
Aurora, CO


"I sent two tapes to be transferred to CD... each one recorded by each of my Grandparents for my infant son to listen to upon his 18th birthday.... these are his Great Grandparents that are in their mid nineties now and will most likely not be with us to celebrate that milestone. What a wonderful gift to be able to give my son... thank you so much."
Aurora, CO


"I was quite happy with the audio quality. Having these recordings on CD means being able to enjoy them in my CD players in my car and home as well as having a better medium than tape for preserving the music that is no longer available. If the reader of this testimonial has old tape recordings of them they wish to preserve, rest assured you will get as good a recording as possible from AudioMover. It took this company a while to get to my job since they were so busy and what better testimony can you get than that? People like 'em and people use their service since it is a good one! I like 'em too."
Coos Bay, Oregon


"I was very impressed with everything and will continue to use and recommend their business. AMAZING, IMPRESSIVE, and TRUSTWORTHY!!! Thank you for a wonderful product and service."
Mesa, AZ


"I just had my first tape-to-CD conversion done by your company and, not only was I highly pleased with the results, but the technician who worked on my project went way above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with my requests. I wasn't expecting this kind of personal attention on my small order, so I can imagine the care you guys take with an established customer. I would recommend your services to anyone."
Tina G.
Throop, PA


"I could not be more pleased with my experience. I entrusted you with audio tapes that were invaluable to me. They were a recorded history of personal experiences of my 90 year old father, told in his words, just days before he passed away. We also sent them some old videos to be transferred to DVDs. They returned the transfers to me expediently and with a professional result. Every person I dealt with was very helpful and personable. I will use their services again and highly recommend them."
Gail M.
Danbury, Ct


"Received the CDs today - great job...I am thoroughly satisfied with the conversions, and as I go through my collection, I will send you more LPs for transfer to CD."
Peter C.
Fernandina Beach, Fl


"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the quality of your work. I highly recommend your service to anyone who has a need to preserve important music or other treasures that time will claim from old cassettes tapes. It is just so nice to meet someone on the internet who is reliable, honest, and provides quality work."
Sharon G


"Thank you for the conversion of the microcassette to cd you did for us. You saved us a lot of time and trouble to preserve our recording."
John C.
LaGrange, IL


"It was such a relief to find someone who cared about getting my Grandma's voice from tape onto CD as much as I did. With John's skills and Paige's great customer service I ended up with just what I wanted. If they are this good on a small project I can only imagine how great they are on large ones."
Deborah M.


"I want to thank you for the prompt attention to transferring my LP to a CD. The turn around time was less than a week and the CD sounds great."
Jerry S.
El Paso, Texas


"Thanks for doing such a nice job! I will be happy to recommend your business."
J. C.


" Your website said you were nice people. Well, I can now attest to that! I appreciate the excellent work you have done transferring my audio tape (a cassette of great importance to me), but I equally appreciate that you did it with very kind and courteuos service. I look forward to working with you in the future...and making sure my friends and family do as well!"
Jason K.
Ronkonkoma, NY


"Thank you so much for repairing my broken cassette and putting it on a CD for me! The broken cassette had a song on it by my late husband and it was the ONLY copy I had! You did a beautiful job and I am very grateful to you..thank you so much."
Kansas City MO


"You transferred my 45 year old cassette to CD for me. I was so concerned I would lose this cherished time in my life, but thanks to you I will have it for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making me very happy. All the success to you and yours."
Dave L.


"I appreciated the work that you did on converting a cassette tape to an MP3. I was recently on a talk radio show and they copied it onto a cassette. I had sent away for a converter on Amazon and it produced an audio file where one track was overlaying another and the tape was ruined. I sent the same tape to your company and everything came out crystal clear! Thanks great job!"
Andrew L.


"Words cannot describe what your transfer of my three old cassettes to CD's did for me and my family. As a grandmother of five little boys, the memories of my early years as a young singer are priceless! Thanks for your respect and professional approach to these treasures."
Narragansett, RI

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