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Convert 4-Track Tape to Digital

Convert 4-Track Tape to Digital


If you were a musician in the 80s and 90s, you may have used a 4-track cassette tape player to record music. Although these are typical cassette tapes, the way they are recorded is not. These tapes will not play correctly in a standard cassette deck. We have 4-track machines that will play your tapes. And we will capture each track independently so you can mix, edit and master the files yourself. We capture all four tracks simultaneously so they will be in perfect sync when you put them in your editing software.


    How long will this take? Normally, it takes two weeks to process an order under 25 items. This can vary depending on the number of orders in the studio.

    If you need your order completed by a certain date, please contact us ahead of time to discuss. We can meet most reasonable deadlines.

    If you prefer to receive your digital files over the cloud, we can deliver them through Dropbox at no extra charge. 

    If you have over 100 items, please contact us for special bulk pricing. We have quantity prices ranging from $12 - $6 per item.



  • WHY US?


    Please call us! No really, we would love to talk to you - (833) 985-0703. 

    We know that sometimes you just want to hear a voice to make sure you feel comfortable. We have processes enough tapes to reach to the moon and back so we realize that no two projects are alike, and we want to discuss your project with you. 

    If you prefer texting - 3039059634

    We offer great service and competitive prices. We have served organizations and individuals in every state in the US, Canada and England.

    In 2007, before our competitors were even in business, we were featured in Real Simple™ Magazine for millions of their readers (click here to see the Real Simple article!). We have been a leader in this industry for over 20 years. We offer professional results, personalized service and fast turnaround. Trust our experience and stability.

    We have done work for govt agencies, churches, celebrities and even one Vice President of the United States. We were even selected by the First Judicial District Court of New Mexico to convert their entire 115,000 cassette library to digital - the largest project of its kind in U.S. history.

    No other company has the history, the experience or the skills that we do. Let's get started!


    We specialize in bulk orders. Believe it or not we have done projects as large as 115,000 tapes. We have perfected the process of quality and accuracy.

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