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Transfer Cassette to CD or MP3
AudioMover is the national leader for converting your cassettes to digital.

Serving Customers
Across the United States
  • State of New Mexico, First Judicial District Court, Santa Fe
  • San Bernardino County, California
  • Colorado University
  • Clay County Historical Society, West Virginia
  • Health Mgmnt Associates, Florida
  • AMI Imaging, Minnesota
  • Union Pacific RR, Missouri
  • Red Light Management (Big Head Todd and the Monsters)
  • Dharma Ocean Foundation
  • Coors Wellness Center, Colorado
  • Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Michigan
  • SM World Photo, Inc. California
  • Kensington Church, Michigan
  • Healing Partners, Pennsylvania
  • Lippman, Semsker & Salb, LLC, Maryland
  • Spirit Empowered Preaching, CA (spiritempoweredpreaching.com)



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    We are the national leader in copying cassette tapes to CD or digital files. Look at some of our customers on the left of this page and you will see what we mean. We have worked with people and organizations from every corner of the United States. Our cassette to CD service is trusted coast to coast.

    Thousands of individuals, churches, publishing companies, educational institutions and government agencies around the country trust us with their sensitive and irreplaceable cassette audio tapes. We offer the best service and competitive prices for copying cassette tapes to CD. We were selected by the First Judicial District Court of New Mexico to convert their cassette library to digital. This was the largest project of its kind in US history.

    Real Simple™ Magazine, read by millions across the United States, featured our company in their publication. They used our cassette to CD service anonymously with one of their test families. They were impressed enough to tell the world about our cassette to CD service in their magazine!

    We have worked in the Audio/Video business for 16 years. We believe we are the only serious choice for this service.

    Every cassette is processed through the same professional equipment we use when we do full-scale audio production for big corporations.

    As part of our cassette to CD service we can use software to minimize the "hiss" and other noise that is inherent on cassette tapes. We can also minimize any undesirable hum or background noise.

    Of course we also return all of your original materials.

    Number of Cassettes Price
    1-5 $13.95/ea
    6-10 $9.95/ea
    11-20 $8.50/ea
    21-100 $6.95/ea
    101-500 $6.25/ea
    (Prices may be reduced in certain cases. Please contact us for a custom quote)
    501-1,000 $5.50/ea
    (Prices may be reduced in certain cases. Please contact us for a custom quote)
    1,000 - 5,000 $4.95/ea
    (Prices may be reduced in certain cases. Please contact us for a custom quote)
    5,000 + Ask for Quote

    We are proud of our work. Listen to a few examples of cassettes we have copied to digital.

    We do listen to at least a few seconds of every tape that comes into the studio. We listen for extreme background noises, hiss and other undesirable problems. Most cassettes are fine just as they are. But it's nice to know there are audio professionals addressing problems with your tape if needed. It's all part of our service.

    If you have questions please call us at 303.255.9921 or send an email through our online form - click here.


    Hey Churches!

    If you have a large quantity of cassettes that need to be converted, please contact us about custom solutions and service. We can help you get your files online, help you get your files organized for archiving or distribution on CD. We can help you different options for inexpensive ways to complete your project.



    We are computer experts and AUDIO EXPERTS!
    Don't trust your project to anyone or anything else!

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