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Convert Your Cassettes to CD or Digital Audio
Happy 2017! We have worked in professional audio for 17 years and we thrive on quality. Unlike many others, we are computer experts and audio experts - not just one or the other. If you want your cassettes transferred to digital, we believe we are the only reasonable choice. Read quotes from customers across the United States.

We specialize in converting large quantities of cassettes to CD or digital audio. We offer customized solutions converting cassettes to CD or digital audio. NO PROJECT IS TOO BIG.

We serve individuals, churches, government agencies and other organizations across the United States and Canada. We would love to work with you!

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Millions of churches, individuals, government agencies, and companies around the world have cassettes tapes with important recordings. Those recordings need to be archived in digital format so let us convert your cassettes to CD for you.

Cassettes were not made to last. The thin audio tape in the cassette is in a constant state of deterioration. As the years pass the audio tape stiffens, warps and becomes brittle. The audio itself deteriorates and it will eventually become completely useless.

If you want to preserve the audio on your cassette tapes, you need to archive them in digital format. Send your cassettes to us and we will convert them to CD or a digital audio file format of your choice. Learn more about our service and see our cassette to digital prices here.


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